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Loved my first visit to the class. Felt very welcomed and relaxed. Great content, some chanting, meditation, pranayam breathwork, movement, relaxation and gorgeous addition of lavender oil. Went home with a warm smile on my face. Can't wait to do it again! Namaste

Jo P

I've been to many a lovely yoga class with Krista. Each session is well rounded, and always leaves me with a feeling of calm and joy. Additionally, Krista's teaching style is clear and easy to follow.

Anya P

For anyone based in Hereford and surrounding areas that wants a complete package of yoga that incorporates mind, body, spirit and philosophy I can't recommend enough Energy Centre Yoga with Krista! Her yoga classes really are one of a kind! Love it so much!

Edwin D

A lovely session with a mix of chanting, pranayam breathwork and I really enjoyed the flow of movement tonight with some new moves. Total relaxation I was transported. Thank you, Krista!

Jo P

Yoga with Krista leaves me feeling refreshed and revived ready to face another day. Her calm and gentle approach warms the soul.

Sabine P

-Restorative Yoga-

A wonderfully relaxing class, deep stretches, essential oils . Fantastic for the body and soul 

Clare C

A wonderful experience every time! Krista’s classes are a full package experience, mind, body and soul.

Sue R

Krista’s classes have been great. It has helped me relax and start an inner calm. It has also helped physically with strength, balance and posture. Krista has a calm and inclusive approach, and adapts her classes for the yogis suggesting alternative ways to do the move, or using another move that we can all do together. I highly recommend them.

Michelle L

I can't recommend Krista's classes enough, she breaks down poses so that they are clearly explained in a way that is easy to follow. There are always adaptions so that it is accessible for all levels. It is now an integral part of my week - the lavender oil at the end is bliss!

Clare C

I am so happy that I have found Krista’, her classes are amazing. She has a very calming presence and makes you feel so welcome. I always leave feeling amazing. Highly recommend xx

Kath S

- Restorative Rest: Mini Retreat -


Had an excellent workshop with Krista. Feeling relaxed, revitalised and ready for Spring.

Victoria C

- Sunday REST - 

Thank you Krista for a blissful Restorative Session this evening. It helped me unwind and I'm feeling totally relaxed this evening ready for the week ahead!


- Sunday REST - 

I absolutely love this session with you as it ends the week perfectly and sets yourself up for the new one ahead!


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