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A Little About Me

Hello! I'm Krista, a dedicated Yoga teacher based in Herefordshire, passionate about sharing the transformative power of Yoga.

My journey with Yoga spans over a decade, starting when I discovered it in my early high school years. Through weekly Vinyasa Yoga classes, Yoga became a constant through the turbulence of teenage years and into adulthood.

In November 2020, I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with FRYOG under the guidance of my tutor, the incredible Debbie. Her knowledge, which I absorbed through attending her classes over six years, ignited my passion for teaching and profoundly shaped my approach to Yoga.

Additionally tutored by Mike, an experienced Osteopath, I gained invaluable insights into the profound physical benefits that Yoga offers our well-being. 

I began teaching during the second lockdown in 2020, starting with virtual Zoom classes and gradually transitioning to in-person classes as the world started to open up again. My objective is simple: to share the invaluable teachings of Yoga with those drawn to its diverse benefits—be it physical, spiritual, or mental growth, through accessible group classes, as well as personalised private sessions. 

Join me on my journey, whether you seek relaxation, strength, or inner peace, Yoga can extend beyond the mat, nurturing your entire being. I welcome you to explore the magical world of Yoga with me.

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