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1 to 1 Yoga Sessions

Discover the Transformational Power of Yoga with 1 to 1 tuition 


Are you ready to embark on a journey to a healthier, more balanced self?

My 1 to 1 Yoga sessions are personalised to meet your unique needs, whether you're a complete newbie to Yoga, a seasoned practitioner looking to deepen your practice, or seeking relief from specific injuries or health concerns. I am here to help and guide you through the healing practices of Yoga.

What's Included in a Session

Initial Consultation: We will schedule a complimentary consultation, through either video or phone call to discuss your unique needs, abilities and your goals for our Yoga sessions. It's a great opportunity for us to meet and connect, so I can tailor your first session to best suit your desires. It also offers you a chance to ask me any questions.

- Personalised Guidance: During our session, I'll personally guide you through a series of poses and practises, providing insights into each of their benefits and safety considerations. This approach will empower you with the knowledge and confidence to continue these practices on your own.

I am dedicated to understanding your goals, limitations, and aspirations, so I will create a custom Yoga plan just for you, ensuring that every session is a step towards your personal health and wellness journey.

- Home Practice: To support your ongoing health and healing journey, I will create a personalised plan for you to practice between our sessions. This plan will be tailored to your specific goals and needs, ensuring that you can continue progressing in your Yoga practice and overall well-being. Your commitment to this home practice will contribute significantly to your growth, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. 

Who Can Benefit from 1 to 1 Yoga Tuition?


- Yoga Beginners: If you're new to Yoga, my 1 to 1 sessions provide a gentle, comfortable introduction to the practice. I'll help you build a strong foundation of postures and give you confidence in your abilities, ensuring you have the basics to thrive in any Yoga class, as well as in your own personal practices. You'll develop the knowledge and skills needed to embark on your Yoga journey with confidence, setting the foundations for a fulfilling and enriching practice.

- Experienced Yogis: Seasoned Yogis can take their practice to the next level with personalised instruction. We'll work on more advanced poses, alignment, muscle control, and breath control to deepen your understanding of this antient healing practice.

- Injury or Illness: Yoga can be a powerful tool for healing. If you're dealing with any injuries, health conditions or concerns, I will tailor sessions to accommodate your unique needs and promote recovery and overall wellness.

Why Choose 1 to 1 Yoga with Me?

- Qualifications: I trained for 2 years under the guidance of a highly experienced and knowledgeable Yoga tutor and a talented and highly accredited Osteopath, both of whom I now consider dear friends. My training was conducted in accordance with the standards of the Yoga Alliance, 'Friends of Yoga' (FRYOG).

- Experience: For the past three years, I've been teaching a diverse range of group Yoga classes, including Hatha Yoga, Restorative (Yin) Yoga, Chair Yoga, Mindfulness, and Gentle Flow Yoga, across various settings. I've held sessions online, in rented spaces, and in highly professional Yoga studios. This teaching experience has allowed me to work with individuals of varying abilities and body types, providing me with valuable insights into tailoring a Yoga practice to meet the unique needs of each student.

- My Approach: I bring a warm and gentle energy to my teaching, fostering a supportive and welcoming environment for all my students. With a patient and empathetic approach, I strive to create a space where individuals of all levels and backgrounds can explore the transformative power of Yoga at their own pace, while always emphasizing mindfulness, self-care, and holistic wellbeing. I am here as a support through your journey of Yoga, as well as the ways Yoga affects your daily living.


  • One-off Session (1hr) - £65 

(Includes initial consultation, one 1-1 session and a personalised home practice plan)

  • Course of 4 (1hr) Sessions - £230 (saving £30)

(Includes initial consultation, four 1-1 sessions and personalised home practice plans between each session)

  • Course of 6 (1hr) Sessions - £350 (saving £40)

(Includes initial consultation, six 1-1 sessions and personalised home practice plans between each session)

  • Course of 8 (1hr) Sessions - £470 (saving £50)

(Includes initial consultation, eight 1-1 sessions and personalised home practice plans between each session)

*PLEASE NOTE there may be added charges for travel or studio hire if necessary. This will be discussed during our consultation.

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