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Classes and workshops

Explore below our current range of classes, complete with detailed descriptions. Take a look to see what each class has in store for you.

Each class offers something slightly different, there's something for everyone, so have a read to find your perfect classes!

* All classes are suitable for complete beginners as well as more experienced Yogis, (there is no need to be flexible or able touch your toes!)

Booking is essential to secure your space! To book, visit 'Book Classes' or click here.


restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga, also known as Yin Yoga, invites you into a serene and nurturing practice, designed to bring deep rest and relaxation to your body and mind. Perfect for all levels, whether you're a Yoga newbie or a seasoned practitioner. In this class, we embrace gentle, nourishing postures held for several minutes each. Using supportive props like blocks and bolsters, these poses encourage the body to release tension, promoting deep relaxation and a sense of calm. Through this extended time in each pose, we facilitate the body's natural ability to unwind, lengthen muscles, and find inner balance. Integrating mindful and gentle breath work (pranayama), we guide the mind to a quieter state, fostering harmony between body and breath. This practice enables a deeper release, allowing both body and mind to ease into tranquillity. Our sessions wind down in a restorative, guided relaxation, offering a serene pathway for the mind to settle into a deep state of relaxation, leaving you rejuvenated, refreshed and calm.



Mindfulness is a practice of connection, consciousness, and learning to  become more present. It serves as a powerful tool to quieten mental chatter, ease anxieties, and dissolve distractions, leaving both mind and body feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and lighter. In our sessions, we begin with mindful movement and conscious breathwork (pranayama), intertwining the two to release tension from the physical body and start calming the mind. This initial practice aims to create harmony between body and breath, fostering a sense of inner balance. The second part of the class invites you into a guided deep relaxation and meditation. Here, we transcend the confines of the active mind, journeying to serene mental spaces. This experience allows you to discover that tranquil state between waking and sleep, providing a sanctuary where worries and responsibilities take a back seat, granting you the precious space to nurture and care for yourself.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga embodies a profound union of mind, body, and breath—a practice we strive to cultivate in every class. With a classical yet inclusive approach, we delve into a journey of holistic Yoga. Our sessions begin with an optional Sanskrit chant, setting the energy for our practice. We then transition into gently mobilising the body to warm up, followed by a diverse sequence of Asanas (postures). Every session incorporates balance and breathing practices (Pranayama) crucial for strengthening both mental and physical wellbeing. Each class offers variations suited to individuals needs— although this is our most mobile or physically demanding class, we must recognise that in Yoga, personal progress surpasses any notion of competition.  As the session draws to a close, a guided relaxation (Savasana), brings a peaceful conclusion, allowing the body to absorb the session's nourishing benefits and helps foster a deep sense of calm in the mind and body.


gentle flow

Experience a serene journey with our Gentle Flow Yoga class—a slower, more soothing approach that invites a profound connection between mind and body. This session is thoughtfully crafted to gently mobilise the joints and awaken the body, setting a harmonious tone for the day ahead. Suitable for all skill levels, this class welcomes beginners and experienced Yogis alike. For seasoned practitioners, slowing down the practice offers a unique opportunity to deepen focus, connection, and delight in the Yoga experience. Throughout the session, discover how to move your body in a way that feels nourishing and wholesome. Guided through gentle postures and practices, you'll release tension and stress, enhance flexibility, and promote mobility. The class ends in a guided relaxation (Savasana) , leaving you feeling revitalised, renewed and refreshed.


Monthly Meditations

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and join us from the comfort of your own home. Our Monthly Meditation Classes, held via Zoom, offer you a sacred online environment to cultivate inner peace, mindfulness, and rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in 40mins of blissful Meditation designed to calm the mind, relax the body, and nourish the soul. Krista will lead you through various techniques, including guided visualisation, gentle breathing, and mindfulness techniques, creating an immersive experience tailored for all levels. Find a quiet and comfortable space in your home – on a mat, bed, or sofa. Surround yourself with comfortable blankets, pillows, and perhaps light a scented candle to make your space extra cosy. Ensure a stable internet connection and get ready to immerse yourself in the soothing world of online meditation. No prior meditation experience is necessary. All are welcome, from beginners to experienced practitioners.



Join us for our diverse range of workshops covering themes such as Meditation techniques, alignment refinement, or mindfulness practices. These sessions offer invaluable knowledge and hands-on experiences aimed at enhancing your Yoga journey. Discover dates and themes for upcoming workshops on the 'Book Classes' page. Each workshop is carefully crafted to provide practical skills, deeper understanding, and a nurturing space for growth in your Yoga practice. These workshops typically feature a blend of interactive sessions, guided practices, and insightful discussions, fostering a holistic learning experience. Join us to expand your knowledge and immerse yourself in the multifaceted world of Yoga!

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