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If you are wanting to purchase your own equipment but are not quite sure where to start looking, then check out some of my favourite products listed below!

I have written out my personal opinions on the products, as well as links to purchase them below! *

If you are wanting recommendations of something particular, drop me a message here, and I'll get back to you with my favourites!

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Liform Yoga Mat

Lifeform Mat_edited.jpg

This is the mat I use when I'm teaching! Its the only mat I've ever used that I don't have any slipping with. Hands and feet are firmly planted, so there's no worry of falling on your face or ending up doing the splits! The markings on the mat are also really handy for alignment in so many postures!

One down side is it is quite heavy to carry around, as it is made out of natural rubber. But it is 'PVC-free, biodegradable, made using high quality non-toxic materials', and is slightly thicker than lots of mats, so gives you some extra padding for knees 

It is definitely an investment, but I've had mine for at least 5 years and apart from some surface marks, there is absolutely no damage or ware!

They come in many different  colours. I have 'Purple Earth'. 

Mat linked below!

YogaStudio EVa Block

I use these blocks both for my personal practice as well as in my classes. They are sturdy, just firm enough and a great size!

They are made from 'High-Density Non-Toxic EVA foam' and though they soften up a small amount with use, they don't start to fall apart like some other blocks. 

They are handy for sitting on, to use under the hands and hips to make postures easier for you. And you can stack them up too!

They're not too pricy but again the quality is great so hopefully you wouldn't have to repurchase

They come in a variety of colours, but I use 'Graphite Grey'. 

Blocks linked below!

Yoga Studio Block_edited.jpg

YogaStudio D-Ring Belt Strap

Yoga Studio Belt.jpg

I use this belt for my personal practice. Most belts/straps would work, but I thought I would link the one I use anyway! 
I do like the length and width of this one though. It is long enough that you don't have to stretch your arms to reach the belt. And it is quite stiff which I like as its easier to hook round your foot.
Belts are great for stretching out the legs as well as using behind the back to stretch the arms and shoulders. Again an aid to make your practice easier. 
Come in an array of colours too. I have ' Ecru'. 

Belt linked below!

Yoga-Mad EVA Yoga Block

These blocks are also great. Very similar to the YogaStudio ones above, but I'd say they are softer. I tend not to use these ones anymore as I prefer the slightly firmer ones, but they are still perfectly fine blocks! 
These are very slightly thicker too, so if you prefer to sit with the hips higher, then this might be a better option for you! 
They also come in a few colours, I have the 'Blue'. 

Blocks are linked below!

Yoga Mad Block.jpg

YogaMatters Organic Cotton bolster

YogaMatters Bolster.jpg

I use this bolster for my home practice as well as for teaching in my Restorative Yoga classes. Its a simply designed bolster, but soft, comfortable and just squishy enough! 
I love to use my bolster for heart opening poses, gentle, supportive backbends, as well as resting in poses like Childs Pose. I also just use this bolster as a pillow on my sofa! SO comfortable! 
And, the cover is removable so you can wash it easily!
There are so many bolsters out there, and most of them are quite pricy! I'd say this is a mid-range price wise, but you may be able to find a second hand one in good condition. 
There are some beautiful colours to chose from, I use 'Slate Grey'. 

Bolster is linked below!

* Please note, these are affiliate links, meaning I get a small amount of commission from any purchase. 

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